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5.0 out of  5 stars 
March 21 2014
By Mel
Had me trying to figure out who did it and then when that was apparent for sure how the hell they did it. The last couple of paragraphs are a total cliff there going to be justice for Donna and redemption for Dean? Great read!


5.0 out of 5 stars 
Feb 14 2014
By Diane M Dunst
I did not even want to put this book aside ! I NEVER expected who the murderer was or that ending! I don't want to give it away for those who did not read it, but, I would definitely recommend this to any one who enjoys reading mysteries.


5.0 out of 5 stars  
Jan 18 2014
Alex Howard "AlexH"
What an excellent book!
I wasn't sure where the author was going, as it seemed to be a story about a pair of couples ... one with a son who they almost ignore. They live next door to each other and swap having dinners at each others' homes, every couple of weeks.
   The main couple, Jack and Donna, seem to be a loving couple, a couple very much in love with each other. The other two, having been married much longer than their friends' two years, seem to have reached that stage of marriage, called comfortable but not always compatible.

   Jack goes on one of his sales trips, a long way from home. He usually leaves later in the evening and drives all night to get to his territory, then works his way back home. On this particular trip, he is interrupted early on by the police, who tell him his home town police have reported his wife is dead! They won't give him any details nor will I give them to you. After all, this is a mystery.
   A long series of events follow, with him as the prime suspect until the evidence seems to point to his neighbors' 18 year old son.
   A trial ensues, but you will have to read this one to find out what really happens next. This is a very well developed plot or story line, with equally well-created characters.
   My only gripe with this novel is that, like many e-books, the editing and proofing stink! Too many instances of wrong word usage, like "then" when it should be "than," or similar things, with bad punctuation. It seems to be a characteristic of the e-books from Amazon that editing or proofing is not very tight.
   But the book itself is worth reading. See for yourselves!


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