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5.0 out of  5 stars 
Feb 11 2015

Dean A. Beers CLI, CCDI   
As a forensic investigator, this is one 
of the best books of the genre I have


5.0 out of 5 stars 
Feb 14 2014
By Diane M Dunst
I did not even want to put this book aside ! I NEVER expected who the murderer was or that ending! I don't want to give it away for those who did not read it, but, I would definitely recommend this to any one who enjoys reading mysteries.


5.0 out of 5 stars  
Jan 20 2015

By Heidie 1111
On the edge of my seat.
Makes you wonder how far
someone will go to achieve
their goals...scary ....evil.....
very good read





 Quiet and reserved eighteen year old Michael Crowder finally has his first girlfriend. But it's not quite that simple. Lucy has yet to break up with her current boyfriend, Johnny, who she has come to fear. She insists their new relationship remain a secret until she can rid herself of Johnny.

When Johnny turns up unexpectedly at Lucy's apartment, Michael scrambles and buries himself beneath Lucy's bed where he listens as an argument ensues that ends with Lucy's abduction.

The abhorrent act soon draws Michael and his entire family deep into a series of nightmarish murder schemes, all perpetrated by an underground organization named "the Order", formed to correct the errors of an imperfect justice system. When the courts fail to remove the worst offenders from our streets, "the Order" steps in and delivers justice. But it seems the Order has run off the tracks and the leadership isn't the high minded moral group it started out to be.

Full of mystery and suspense, this story has multiple character plots lines and unexpected twists throughout.